With Award Winning Designers, Antwerp. Powered by Creatives. brings together all the prize-winning designers from the province of Antwerp every year and shows the quality on offer in the Antwerp region. Awardwinningdesigners.be constitutes the database of these prize-winners. Also, you can find both information about the design competitions and their deadlines there.


Award Winning Designers is the first project organized by Antwerp. Powered by Creatives. (APBC). This design platform combines the forces of designers, companies, education and government to stimulate cooperation within the creative sector and encourage the use of design in other sectors.

APBC develops initiatives that strengthen innovation and experimentation by anticipating on the potential and specific needs of the Antwerp design sector. By functioning as a joint communication channel, network forum and database of expertise, the region can grow into an attractive and inspiring ecosystem with strong enterprises that are synonymous with modernization and establish innovation in Antwerp on an international scale.

Antwerp. Powered by Creatives. is a joint venture between the province of Antwerp, the municipality of Antwerp, Designcenter De Winkelhaak, University of Antwerp, Antwerp Management School and the Karel de Grote-Hogeschool and represents the region of Antwerp in the Design Platform Flanders.


These ‘Award Winning Designers’ all come from the Antwerp region, have established this as their place of work or once graduated from a design course in this province. The winning objects comprise the disciplines of graphic design, product development, service design, jewellery design, interior design, branding, game development and multimedia design.


Award Winning Designers shows the substantial quality of design by both companies and designers in the region of Antwerp. It also encourages designers to take part in competitions, challenge themselves, experiment and to measure up to colleagues at (inter)national levels. With the travelling part of Award Winning Designers the Antwerp designers are established on an international scale.


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